Morning Light Deep In The Bay

The islands in the south pacific dramatically push out of the sea.  For the lucky traveller, the morning view can be awe inspiring.  Add in a pounding beach break, and you'll never want to leave. 

This painting's challenge was in the morning light slipping between the ocean and the ever present gray clouds pushed up against the mountain top.  It took many coats of tinted varnish to get that effect.  

Original oil painting (glazing technique)

18" x 24" on claybord, 1 inch cradled 


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Edge of the Island

At the far edge of Bastimentos, Bocas Del Toro Panama is a wave of considerable consequence.  It comes out of very deep water...9000 feet deep just a few miles out, and unloads on a bulge of deep water reef. 

This painting's challenge was in getting the mood of the atmosphere correct...overcast, hot and humid, thick air, no wind.  The tropical water drains off the deep reef and just lights up.  

Original oil painting (glazing technique)

16" x 20" on claybord, 1 inch cradled 


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​Stan Chew - Surf Art 

Surf Art

Bahia Sur, Tamarindo

At the southern corner of the bay in Tamarindo is Isla Capitan and Playa de Sur.  This painting is a retrospective image to the days when few surfed here and the beauty of this wonderful part of Costa Rica, untouched.  

Original Oil Painting (glazing technique)

18" x 36" on claybord, 1 inch cradled