Stan Chew 

​Juried Member of the New Hampshire Art Association

Purchasing original art is an investment in yourself, your community and ultimately, an investment into the culture you are from. Supporting the arts is a wonderful thing and by clicking on this tab, at least you are thinking about it...THANKS!  

If you are considering purchasing a painting, please note that I work primarily in seascapes and landscapes.  My compositions tend towards organic shapes and I limit myself to this.   

Gallery Exhibitions

As a member of the New Hampshire Art Association, my work is shown at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery as well as other affiliated galleries throughout the state.   


A commission is a painting that is a collaboration between the buyer (you) and the painter (me).  It is an original work born of something that is special to you.  Having painted many commissions, I take these quite seriously as I feel the vision of the work starts with the buyer, and I become the steward of the buyer's inspiration.  The process is:

  • Send me a photo, or describe what you "see" in a painting
  • Give me some direction as to the primary subject matter, time of day and the sense of drama you wish to see
  • The size of painting you are looking for
  • The budget you have in mind

My contact details are on the Contact tab, or write me an email at with the subject line "Commission Painting Inquiry".  

Budgetary Considerations

I price by the square inch (Width x Height = Total Square Inches) with price per square inch depending upon the size of the paintings and the detail desired. Paintings can take from 20 hours to 80 hours or more of painting time to complete.  I use the highest grade materials for surfaces, paints and other mediums available at considerable cost.  I also make custom frames for my works.