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Surf Art

Purchasing original art is an investment in yourself, your community and ultimately, an investment into the culture you are from. Supporting the arts is a wonderful thing and by clicking on this tab, at least you are thinking about it...THANKS!  

If you are considering purchasing a painting, please note that I work primarily in seascapes and landscapes.  My compositions tend towards organic shapes and I limit myself to this.  Whereas from time to time, I'll paint the human form or architecture, you'd be better served by painters that focus there.  Stylistically, I am a studio painter and rarely do I paint in a Plein Air or Impressionist style.  

I am not trying to be rigid, I just want you to understand my stylistic mission.   


A commission is a painting that is a collaboration between the buyer (you) and the painter (me).  It is an original work born of something that is special to you.  Having painted many commissions, I take these quite seriously as I feel the vision of the work starts with the buyer, and I become the steward of the buyer's inspiration.  The process is:

  • Send me a photo, or describe what you "see" in a painting
  • Give me some direction as to the primary subject matter, time of day and the sense of drama you wish to see
  • The size of painting you are looking for
  • The budget you have in mind

My contact details are on the Contact tab, or write me an email at Stanchew@hotmail.com with the subject line "Commission Painting Inquiry".  

If I am comfortable that I can fulfill your vision of the painting, then we'll work the cost and payment details together.  

Works on the Website

From time to time, I'll post new works on the website.  If you see something you are interested in, send me an email with the subject line "Interested in a Painting" at Stanchew@hotmail.com.  

Budgetary Considerations

I use the surfboard pricing model in trying to explain, and justify my pricing.  Even if you don't surf, you'll get the picture.

What is important to understand is this, I am always willing to hear what your budget constraints are and will do all I can to get you a painting...my goal is to have art hanging on people's walls, to be enjoyed.  

  • The average retail cost of a short-board today is around $700 +/-.  Most of the name brand boards are now shaped on CNC machines and factory glassed, in many cases, in an Asian factory staffed by low cost employees.  If surfed actively, they last about two years and sometimes, barely a season.  

  • The average retail cost of a surfboard made by an artisan is $750 - $1500 +/-, depending upon who is doing the work. They are hand shaped, often custom ordered in collaboration with the buyer, and the final finish tends to be piece work versus factory glassing/finishing.  They tend to last longer than the factory made short boards, but are usually toast in five years.

  • The average long board, made by an artisan is $1200 - $2500 +/-, depending upon who is doing the work and the materials used.  They are hand shaped, often custom ordered in collaboration with the buyer, and the final finish tends to be piece work versus factory glassing/finishing.  They are larger, hence the cost of the materials and time is factored in the price. They can last five to seven years, maybe.  It is important to note that some are considered "Wall Hangers" or works of art, not meant for surfing, and cost well into the five digits.

My works tend to start at $750 and then go up from there, depending upon the size of the paintings and the detail desired. Paintings can take from 20 hours to 80 hours or more to complete.  I use the highest grade materials for surfaces, paints and other mediums available at considerable cost.  While the quality of my art is in the eye of the beholder it is important to know that I don't rush my work.  It is done when I feel good about the result and in keeping with my own standard.