Current Works

Stan Chew 

​Juried Member of the New Hampshire Art Association


A new body of work by Stan Chew

BATHYMETRY will be exhibited August 2nd through August 30th 2021 at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery in Portsmouth NH. 

​As defined by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association or NOAA, Bathymetry is the foundation of the science of hydrography, which measures the physical features of a water body.  Hydrography includes not only bathymetry, but also the shape and features of the shoreline; the characteristics of tides, currents, and waves; and the physical and chemical properties of the water itself.

This body of work, Bathymetry required a deeper consideration of the aligned elements of a seascape.  The time of day, tide, wind direction and strength, water clarity, size and shape of the surf as well as the effect the shoreline and bottom contours have on the surf are all taken into consideration. 

The paintings all feature glazing techniques enabling the image to glow from within.  This process is labor intensive and takes time.  

Bathymetry is an evolutionary step forward and a work in process.  Stay tuned as the BOW continues to grow.