Artist's Statement

When I paint, I immerse into a lifetime spent on seacoasts, amazed by the beauty of this earth and ocean.  I feel the sun break out of the clouds, searing my back, the salt caking my skin.  I hear the waves pound the reef, the wind crackling palms as I rest in their shade, looking out to the surf, taking it all in.  I feel the northwest wind kick in after a nor'easter has dumped a foot of snow. The in-the-moment wonder of painting immerses me into these places and moments, channeling to the viewers of my art these rapidly changing ocean and landscapes.     

I am a painter of the greatest fortune having lived a full life in stunning places going back to the 1960’s.  My wander lust developed early on as a kid living in Hawaii and Asia which fueled my deep desire in later life, while living on the coast in New Hampshire to find far-flung places and cultures, to surf ancient coasts, to meet people that speak in ways I can’t, eat foods I’d never thought possible, living fixed to the settings I paint.  I am inspired to recreate these experiences, to keep wandering.      

My art signifies the beauty of this earth and our oceans, and if we choose, the awe of living differently.  My paintings are windows into places that truly exist, now, and can remain so forever if we collectively desire.  I have searched out these places, surfing alone, watched only by the indigenous stewards who know how special their home is.  These places do exist and my art signifies the hope that they will forever remain.    

Stan Chew 

​Juried Member of the New Hampshire Art Association